Right from the early childhood we are taught about the list of duties..As we grow old they become part of ours.

Many a times Any deviance from them becomes unacceptable not only for the society but to the forerunners of evolution(us) as well.

It is well said that “performance of ones duty is the right of other” .

We act.. Sometimes according to the norms of society, sometimes as per the people we love and those who love us.. And many more governing things.

And the best among all is when your heart and mind comes in consonance with the energy and strength of your body and soul provided by that creator where things might seem difficult initially but somehow you are provided with that superpower to move forward and face everything with open mind, and smiling face that’s all i think should be the governing power for the performance of DUTY.

We should never forget that Almighty has all the power to create, to destroy, to build, to break, and much more.


💕Always indebted to my parents for all they have done for me💕

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